Research Projects


Methionine sulfoxide reductase A and oxidized CaMKII in structural heart disease

This project explores the connections between ROS and MsrA-regulated CaMKII activation in myocardial infarction and in neurohumoral toxicity.

NIH/NHLBI - 1R01 HL079031 – 12/15/10-11/30/15


Mitochondrial Calmodulin Kinase II in Physiology and Disease

This is a proposal to study the consequences of subcellularly-targeted calmodulin kinase inhibition on molecular, cellular and in vivo mechanisms of disease-resistance.

NIH/NHLBI - 1R01 HL070250 – 10/01/05-07/31/18


Oxidized CaMKII in Atrial Fibrillation

The goal of this project is to test the concept that CaMKII is a molecular mechanism for transducing increased oxidative stress with atrial fibrillation in a mouse model.

NIH/NHLBI – 1R01 HL113001 – 04/01/12-2/28/2017


CaMKII in Sinus Node Physiology and Disease

This project tests the hypothesis that CaMKII activity is necessary for physiological increases in heart rate, but when excessively activated, contributes to sinoatrial nodal failure.

NIH/NHLBI - 1R01 HL096652 – 07/15/09–07/31/17



Treatment of arrhythmias via inhibition of a multifunctional calcium/calmodulin-dependent protein kinase

US Patent No 6,518,245; Patent Cooperation Treaty #: PCT/US98/01829


Use of calmodulin kinase II inhibitors to treat myocardial dysfunction in structural heart disease

US Patent No 7,320,959







Past Funding


Transatlantic Alliance for Calmodulin Kinase II Signaling in Heart Failure and Arrhythmias


Fondation Leducq: 01/01/08-12/31/13


Calmodulin Kinase II Signaling in Asthma


Sandler Program for Asthma Research: 07/01/08-06/30/11





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